Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hello everyone. My name is Nathan Birt and I am a student at DeVry University taking Game and Simulation Design courses. I am just finishing up GSP 321: Programming 3D Math and Physics for Games. Tonight I decided to make a blog for my side-project I am working on for my work portfolio call Platform Revival, an old school 8-bit styled platform game. Right now, I am still using placeholder artwork, so you will probably recognize the sprites, but everything else in the game is original!

Tonight, I am putting the finishing touches on the particle system, such as the pieces coming off the player's projectile, shown below, as well as immediately after landing.

I have a slightly earlier version of my game demo available. It is still very basic, but has a lot of the framework done for the game, such as an input manager, game manager, message system, and some basic game play.

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