Saturday, May 25, 2013

This week, I managed to overhaul the way the game saves and loads tilesheets for the editor and the game. I have made it so that new tilesheets can be loaded in to the editor and saved on a per map basis. This allows for separate development of the art side of the game from the programming side and allows the user to see changes to the tilesheets pretty much immediately. Unfortunately, this programming change means that the old maps I had saved no longer function, so I had to rebuild some new ones. That means in the build that I am publishing tonight, only the first few maps of the Earth level are functional.

Also, I created and implemented a new AI type this week, called the AITurret. This AI type is stationary and fires projectiles in a specific direction. Also, I linked in the switch - activator system into the AI turret, so I can now make it so that the death of the AI turret triggers an activator elsewhere in the level. This allows for new puzzle mechanics based on this premise. I am considering adding this functionality to the AIBase class, which all enemies are based on, so that any enemy can trigger the system, but at this time I haven't.

I am still working on the physics for mobile platforms. They have collision correctly, but for some reason, standing on top of one doesn't always trigger for the player to allow them to jump again and to shoot and use the shield.

I also discovered this past week that I don't have to compile to one_click applications to publish my game, I can just build it and upload the debug folder. So, any build from here on out shouldn't need any installs, just unzip to a folder and play. I'll edit once the sync is complete with google docs :)

Edit: And the link is up :)

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