Friday, June 28, 2013

End of Class and other changes

Well, last night I uploaded the final version that I made of this game for my development class. It has been a long 8 weeks but I am pretty happy with all that I got done with this game.

Next up on the to do list, I am going to go through and remove all parts of the game that were added solely because of my course requirements. First thing to get the ax is the awful scoring system and high score table. While I will probably keep the code in case I feel like adding it back in later, I feel that it is unnecessary for the game and detracts from what I am going to accomplish.

Also, gathered from more player feedback, I am probably just going to ax the room in the first stage with the chaser and the elevator. When I look at the map with KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) in mind, I realize it is just a really bad design. So I am going to make a new map design that introduces the concept of chasers hitting buttons for the player in a different way.

Next on the to do list, a small game play video. Screenshots don't really do the particle system in the game justice so I'm going to take another look at the particle system before I do that, to make sure it is working well and is being utilized where it should first.

Last, I'm going to work on a dedicated game demo. I think there is a way I can do it as a copy of my project in VS so that the game continues to get updated, but the content does not. That way any bug fixes or game play changes I made down the line will get reflected in the demo.

For anyone interested, my game is now on Steam Greenlight and IndieDB! I'm adding the links to them on the side of the blog, please stop by the pages and show support for the game!

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