Thursday, June 27, 2013

Game Update

Today I am releasing an update to Dual Core. This update features:

  • Finished High Winds level and boss fight
  • Updated menus
  • Game play tweaks
  • Placeholder Audio (Testing the audio engine I created for this game)
A ton of work went into this update. Please don't forget to leave feedback and thanks for checking out my game. :)

Version Update 0.02a

Small visual update to opening menus
Added placeholder background music
 - Note - This audio is placeholder only. I did not create this audio and it is pretty much only there to satisfy the requirements of the class I am taking

Increased platform velocity to decrease wait times
Fixed platforms moving horizontally causing players to bug out and not know which direction to face
Fixed several platform physics bugs
Balanced some individual maps in the Normal level
 - Note - There are atleast 2 bugs remaining involving platforms:

 Bug #1: If you are standing off the edge of a platform while it is traveling up, you will continue traveling up through level geometry. If you try to jump while inside level geometry, your character will glitch

 BUg #2: If you are standing off the edge of a platform while it is traveling down, you will also glitch into any level gemotry. This also applies to AI using normal physics (chasers, bosses).

Added right trigger on XInput controllers for players to attack
Added left trigger on Xinput controllers for Tom to block
Added coding hooks for zooming the camera in and out
Finished outline for High Winds level
 - Note: There may be some missing connections and some glitches -
Added High Winds boss fight

Changed firing timer. Mike can now fire while holding the button down, as before, but can also fire up to twice as fast while tapping the button.

Tom can block while in the air
Tom can now change directions while blocking
Tom can now block immediately after firing

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